Should I Switch Car Insurance Providers?

Advertising messages tell us that we should shop for our car insurance for better… more… cheaper… When every car insurance provider advertises itself as the most affordable or offers the most discounts, how do you choose? Try comparing the following items: Price: Chances are you’re reading this article because you’ve just had a rate increase. … Read more

Tips for Winter Car Care and Maintenance

Ladies and gentlemen, yes, once again it’s time to prepare for winter. While you might want to think about all you need to do for the holidays, your number one priority this holiday season should be your car. Some winter car maintenance is possible to do on your own, but others should be completed with … Read more

Routine Car Maintenance: Fact vs. Fiction

Consumer Reports experts state that today’s modern vehicles “can run for 200,000 miles and more.” It makes sense to want your vehicle last for a long time. You want your vehicle to be worth the investment. Doing routine maintenance helps ensure it is. But many of us can’t afford the price of these newer cars. … Read more

What Determines Car Insurance Rates?

Car insurance rates aren’t exactly simple. Car insurance companies use actuarial data to determine rates. “Actuarial data” is data used by insurance companies that offer predictions as to the chance that you will file a claim. This data includes where you live (some areas cost more per claim than others), the type of car you … Read more