Road Trip 2020: Are You & Your Car Protected?

As more and more states reopen fully, you might be craving a staple summer vacation: the classic road trip. While local, state, and national leaders continue to disagree on the dos and don’ts of summer travel, here are some things to consider before you hit the road.

Where Rubber Meets Road

Do Some Basic Trip Research

Are you taking the scenic route? Does your road trip require hundreds of miles on interstates? Will you be driving through large cities? 

Mobile GPS apps do a great job of showing you the best routes from A to B while considering traffic patterns and mapping construction sites, but driving on unfamiliar roads and glancing down at that phone screen to check your location can increase your risk of an accident.

Get Your Car Checked Out

Before you take old faithful on a cross country trip, or even an extended local or regional family vacation, have a trusted mechanic take a look at your car’s battery, tires, fluids, and essential accessories like windshield wipers. 

Any cross country trip will involve stretches of isolation. Not a town around for miles. Plan for that by checking out our Shield Roadside Rescue. If a break down happens, in one phone call, help will be on the way. Type in “Shield Roadside Rescue” in the Message block to have us contact you. It costs just pennies a day. Peace of mind is worth that.

Pro tip: a spare set of jumper cables never hurts. 

Consider Your Car Insurance

Driving your own car on this adventure? Good news: your insurance keeps you covered no matter what state you’re driving in. But not all car insurance is created equal. It’s good to take a moment and consider how much coverage you have on your vehicle.

Car insurance is essential, especially if you are spending more time in the car than usual. Regardless of past driving experience or limited financial resources, take the time to find car insurance that fits your needs. 

Unsure which insurance suits you best? Leaving soon and need affordable coverage fast? Our Gebco agents are ready to answer your questions

For those considering a motorcycle trip, keep in mind that your car insurance does NOT cover your beloved bike. For more about our affordable and hassle-free motorcycle insurance, click here.

Shared Driving Responsibilities 

To some, a solo road trip is the best. For many others, having some pals to share the memories (and the driving load) is a way to share the work and enjoy the journey a bit more. 

Typically, your car insurance will cover you if you are behind someone else’s wheel, but there’s no guarantee that your coverage will extend to your buddy when they are driving.

Some policies allow you to add drivers to your insurance. Make sure to check if your car insurance covers additional drivers. 

COVID Concerns for Road Trips During a Pandemic

Do Some Basic COVID Route Research

Though most states’ “stay at home” orders have been lifted, the list of behaviors and businesses that are encouraged or frowned upon is changing every day. 

Make sure that trip to the ocean isn’t ruined by a “BEACH CLOSED” sign – take some time in your planning to check out which areas are open to the public, which require masks or other protective equipment, and which places are still shut down.

Check to see if COVID-19 is spreading in your local community or places in or around your destination, including any stops along the way. You can even take a moment to weigh the risks of each activity/adventure: does the area or activity allow you to stay socially distant?

Practice Cleanliness

Many younger people are willing to venture out for some good summer fun, so it’s easy to ignore the reality that this same age group can spread COVID-19 while exhibiting few to no symptoms.

Pack some cleaning supplies like hand sanitizer and bleach-based cleaner. Try not to share food and drinks with your friends and be sure to follow social distancing guidelines.

Get Your Health Checked

Just like your car needs a good once-over before hitting the road, make sure you are healthy enough for your road trip. 

Schedule a checkup with your family doctor, or set up a Telemedicine appointment. Be sure to mention if you are experiencing any symptoms connected with COVID-19

GEBCO has been authorized to assist our clients with enrolling in the Telemedicine program. Visit our website ( or call our offices for assistance right now: 800-464-3226.