Can you call a doctor 24 hours a day?

Are you looking for a way to ensure you have access to a real doctor for your entire family living in your household? For as low as $10 per month you can enroll your family in Telemedicine. During the most recent COVID-19 outbreak the CDC has suggested the use of Telemedicine over going into a … Read more

Motorcycle Riders, Are You Ready to Hit the Road?

Warmer weather is here, and soon (some of us already) motorcyclists will take the covers off their bikes and hit the road. If you’re planning on breaking out your cycle soon, be sure that you’re comprehensively covered and take the right safety precautions so that you stay safe. Two wheels on the road simply aren’t … Read more

Prepping Your Car for Warmer Weather

The outside world is thawing out, but if you haven’t consistently washed the salt off your car, it can cause rust to develop under your car, in wheel wells, and on body panels. Rust and winter wear doesn’t just look unsightly, it can make your car less safe to drive.  Taking the time to “de-winterize,” … Read more