Motorcycle Riders, Are You Ready to Hit the Road?

Warmer weather is here, and soon (some of us already) motorcyclists will take the covers off their bikes and hit the road. If you’re planning on breaking out your cycle soon, be sure that you’re comprehensively covered and take the right safety precautions so that you stay safe.

Two wheels on the road simply aren’t as safe as all four. 

For that reason, the insurance that you use for your car doesn’t apply to your motorcycle. For your specialty ride, you need special insurance. That, of course, is motorcycle insurance. 

You veteran cycle riders already know this, but if you’re considering your first bike, you need to know that Motorcycle insurance is different from auto insurance. For one, it’s cheaper. Much cheaper. How is that, you ask? Motorcycle insurance only covers your bike, not personal injuries. Your health insurance covers your body in the case of an accident with your cycle. 

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that out of 33,783 motor vehicle deaths that occur every year, 4,000 are the result of motorcycle accidents. While we hope that you’re taking all proper safety precautions, such as wearing a helmet and protective clothing, you should know that a cycle accident almost always results in an injury.

Take a look at the Motorcycle Operator Manual from the Maryland Motorcycle Safety Program, which details all the requirements for motorcycle safety and licensing.

Always remember that you may be driving safely, but car and truck drivers may not be doing so. Most importantly, make sure that they see you before making any sudden lane changes.

Responsible riding is safe riding.

With the proper precautions in place, you can have an enjoyable, safe ride on the road. Know that you can protect your bike at a very affordable price. We know motorcycle and car insurance, and only represent companies that offer you the best discounts. We’re here when you’re ready to talk about a new policy or compare your rates with an existing one.