Which Type Of Car Is Best For Teen Drivers?

For any growing teen, learning to drive and getting their own car is a major milestone in their life. But for their parents, this event usually causes much more anxiety and fear than excitement. There are definite advantages to adding another licensed driver to the family, such as being able to get more chores done or help your child to get their own job. However, there needs to be significant research done before you decide on a car that your teen picks out. While the best makes, brands and models vary by year, there are kinds of cars that tend to be safer for inexperienced drivers compared to others. These cars also often help you get lower rates on auto insurance that teen drivers need, which tends to be more expensive due to the higher risks that young drivers face.

Mid-Sized Sedans

For a reliable vehicle with plenty of safety features, easy control, good visibility, extra space for groceries and picking grandma up, and even an affordable price tag, look for a mid-sized sedan. These vehicles are certainly not the most stylish or trendy options for a teen, but that’s exactly what makes them such good vehicles for new drivers. It’s easy to find affordable comprehensive insurance on these cars because of their safety features and lower-powered engines as compared to full-sized SUVs or large trucks.

Small SUVs

Some teens simply won’t drive a sedan because it’s too old-fashioned and doesn’t offer enough space for carrying friends or family members. When cargo space is a priority, a compact SUV is a good choice. These vehicles aren’t as powerful or as fast as their full-sized alternatives, and they still have limited seating so your teen can’t carry eight friends along at once. Auto insurance rates are also lower for small SUVs than for full-sized ones, especially if you choose a model with extra safety features.

Crossover Vehicles

Crossover vehicles are generally small SUVs with seating for three to five, but some take on the form of a modernized station wagon. The sportier styling of these vehicles makes them more appealing to teens without bringing in enough horsepower to encourage risky driving. If your teen loves to camp or hike, or if you live in a rural area, extra features like four-wheel drive and towing capabilities make these vehicles more versatile for the entire family to use. High risk auto insurance remains affordable for these vehicles since they’re safer and more efficient than other four by four and offroading vehicles.

2012 and Newer Models

Regardless of which style of vehicle is chosen for teen drivers, look for a model manufactured after the year of 2012. This was the first year in which it was mandatory to install electronic stability control on all new vehicles. The Insurance Institute of Highway Safety has proven that this single safety feature can cut the chance of an auto accident in half. Not only does this protect your teen, it makes it easier to get good car insurance quotes.

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