Tips for Winter Car Care and Maintenance

Ladies and gentlemen, yes, once again it’s time to prepare for winter. While you might want to think about all you need to do for the holidays, your number one priority this holiday season should be your car.

Some winter car maintenance is possible to do on your own, but others should be completed with a trusted mechanic. Take a look at the following tips.

Tire checkup 

Check the tread. Getting a little worn? You might need new tires. Ice, sleet, and snow demand that you have good traction on your tires. To help ensure your personal safety, as well as the drivers around you, if you need new tires, please find a way to buy them. 

If you think you can get one more season out of your current tires it doesn’t hurt to have them rotated. This helps your car run smoother, which is certainly a plus at this time of year.

Wiper blades and wiper fluid

You don’t want to get into an accident due to not being able to see out of your windows. Double-checking your wiper blades before the snow hits and replacing them if necessary can help to ensure a safer drive.

Don’t forget to check your wiper fluid level also. Maybe you forgot how the salt on the roads streaks your windshield… yes, now you remember. It’s easy to do yourself and cheap. You can find washer fluid at your local gas station, drug store, or grocery store. 

Battery checkup

Winter is the worst possible time to have a battery die and be stranded on the side of the road. Be sure that your battery is in top shape by getting it replaced every 5-7 years. And make sure you don’t leave anything on when you exit the vehicle. Remember, it’s cold out there. 

Engine oil maintenance 

In the winter, engine oil becomes thicker and can be less efficient. Get an oil change before winter hits and they’ll recommend the right type of oil to use for your vehicle (typically, in the wintertime, a 5W oil is usually recommended). The right type of engine oil will help your vehicle to run efficiently.

Take your car in

If you’ve been delaying a repair to radiator or heating hoses for instance, now is the time to get them fixed. There’s no car repair that isn’t made worse in the winter. 

Don’t forget your home or apartment!

Winterizing your home in the colder months can help to cut down on heating costs, and actually keep your house warmer. Other preventive measures can ensure that your pipes won’t erupt, ice-covered branches and trees won’t fall and damage your home, and more. Check out 10 ways to winterize your home for a comprehensive list of all the tasks you can do around the home to winterize and prepare for the colder season.

And get an insurance rate comparison on your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy with a free quote. Don’t forget: bundling isn’t just what you do to stay warm… it’s also how you save money on insurance.

Happy winter!